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Olympic Weightlifting Program

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Interested in Olympic Weightlifting? Learn how to perform the Snatch and Clean and Jerk correctly.

Olympic Weightlifting Program

Our Weightlifting Program is right for you if:

  • You are an athlete looking for a comprehensive program to increase strength and power.
  • You participate in Crossfit and are looking to refine your technical skills in the Olympic lifts.
  • You possess an intermediate to advance level of general fitness and are curious about how Weightlifting can take your training to the next level.

We focus on THREE key components:

  • Movement Quality: Mobility is critical in order to be successful in Weightlifting. Do you feel so tight that getting to the bottom of an overhead squat even with just the bar seems impossible? Have you tried a hundred different stretches that you have found on the internet and nothing seems to work? Come see us for a 7 point movement screen (FMS) and we will get you sorted out.
  • Technical Consistency. Practice makes perfect right? Nope. Perfect Practice makes perfect. As cheesy as that sounds, this could not be more true for Weightlifting. Learn something incorrectly the first time, and you will have to unlearn that before your body can learn the correct way. Push yourself too soon and you will pick up bad habits and compensation patterns. The more bad habits you have developed, the more difficult it is to fix. Save yourself from all the headache by investing the time to learn the correct techniques from the beginning.
  • Balance. Like any other sport, Olympic Weightlifting can be very demanding on your body and joints, even when all lifts are executed correctly. Unless you plan on competing at a national level or higher, your health and general fitness should take priority over max lifts. We aim to balance out your training with other modalities such as kettlebells and other barbell lifts to keep your program more “3-Dimensional”.



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